Silver jewelry for a child - the perfect gift!

Jewelery for children - beautiful silver earrings, the most fashionable designs

Jewelry for children is becoming more and more popular. Gold earrings for a girl, colorful earrings with various stones, silver earrings are a great gift idea not only for communion but also for other celebrations such as birthdays or the first day of school.

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Colorful earrings or maybe gold earrings for a girl?

The most popular are, of course, silver earrings for children, but not all girls have their ears pierced. Therefore, they can be delicate pendants or rings.

As you know, if these are earrings for a girl, they would be well decorated with colors. Girls like mainly colors close to red, pink or violet, which is why they can be earrings with crystals or zircons.

The ore itself can be either silver or gold earrings . In our store, gold-colored earrings are gold-plated silver earrings - where we have two layers of gold, practically indelible, they will also serve for a long time - even in extreme living conditions of a girl aged 4-8 :)

Silver earrings - elegance from an early age

Delicate silver earrings for girls are a subtle elegance for a child . They can be earrings for an English earwire or a stick, and also models with dangling earrings, if the child so desires. The safe fastening will work depending on the preferences of putting on and wearing by the child.

Classic studs or round, subtle earrings with stones - of course, made of the highest quality materials, these are products that are perfect for girls and will delight little hearts.

What jewelry for a gift for a girl?

Choosing the right gift begins with the birth of a child. Perfect gifts for baptisms are silver pacifiers or silver spoons that protect children from thrush. And we know how important it is to raise such a toddler safely and use appropriate products.

These silver products will certainly work for children, but they will not dress them up like gold or silver earrings - or those decorated with natural stones, zircons or crystals.

If we are looking for a gift for a birthday or Christmas for children, earrings will be a safe choice if a girl can wear them. And it's probably regardless of whether it's silver or rose gold, smooth or decorated with stones, the recipient will certainly like it, because she will feel more grown up.

Earrings for a girl - choose classics, novelties and what clasp?

In the case of children's jewelry, shapes can also be important. Butterflies, bees and other motifs made of silver or gold, decorated with additional stones, are certainly often chosen by the youngest products. However, when choosing a product such as jewelry for a child, it is worth choosing something more universal in the offer, so that it will serve for longer.

Children certainly do not pay attention to it, what matters is the shape of the stone and its color, whether it is hanging or on a stick.

Children's safety first

Let us remember that it is important what the jewelry is made of, so that there is no nickel or other allergenic elements, so it is worth choosing safe products that are sold by a jeweler or a jewelry manufacturer who knows what they used for its production. What was the raw material, stone, whether the clasp is safely prepared, whether the pin will not hurt.

Jewelry from a reliable source will not be a problem for the ears (it will not cause ear infections or any inflammation) or rashes. Regardless of whether it will be a clasp with an English earwire or a pin (in our store's offer you will also find all of them in new products or promotions).

And it is worth choosing for children, which is why we encourage you to take a look at our offer and the gifted young lady will surely be satisfied. Everything with the child's head and safety - this is the golden rule when we choose gold earrings (also rose gold).