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Silver bracelets with silicon - this stone is style and elegance in one

A bracelet with silicon is a choice for people who want a characteristic ornament that makes a great impression on the recipients. Such a silver bracelet will be perfect for people who value a capsule wardrobe and are looking for universal accessories.

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A bracelet with silicon is a unique combination of shades of gray. The nobility of silver fits perfectly with the stylish gray of shiny silicon . This Polish jewelry will go well with elegant and minimalist office outfits, giving them even more elegance.

This type of jewelry will also subtly complement colorful stylizations and emphasize their character, without making them competitive.

Silicon is a stone for people who value joy and peace of mind

A silver bracelet with silicon is a great gift for people who value joy and peace of mind. Silicon has unique properties, adds energy, clears the mind and attention ... increases creativity! Are you facing difficult life decisions? Silicon will help you negotiate the best conditions!

A silver bracelet in which the precious stone silicon is the main decoration is a gift for people who often have to make decisions and want to have a clear mind.

Silver jewelry made in retro style

A 925 silver bracelet is a great addition to a jewelry collection. You can be sure that you will hear many compliments about it.

Silicon looks great in a retro style and this is the setting our jewelers have prepared for it. It is a precious stone with which effective timeless jewelery is created.

What does a "well-chosen" bracelet mean?

A silver bracelet should have a perfectly matched length so that wearing it is comfortable.

Choose the most convenient type of fastening for you. We wrote about the types of fasteners on our blog.

Support native creators and choose jewelry made in Poland.

Shops offer many silver products , which are decorated with a beautiful gray-silver stone. Choose the offers that have the best conditions. A free return is important if you decide that you want to exchange your bracelet to better adjust, for example, its length. With us, returns are always free, we care about the comfort of our customers.

The offer of silver jewelery in Polcarat Design is very wide. We recommend matching earrings or a pendant to the set, so that the selected bracelet has a good and perfectly matched company. We regularly replenish our stores - on allegro and .

Smart free delivery, returns and other important issues...

Because our jewelry is becoming more and more popular, we have expanded our offer and, for example, silver bracelets with silicon, as well as other silver products can also be purchased on Allegro. In our store, free delivery is already up to PLN 399, so by buying more jewelry you can save on shipping.

You can collect the ordered products from pick-up points throughout Poland or use a courier delivery service. It's a very convenient solution.

Before you click "add to cart" and "buy now"

Before you click "accept" before buying, make sure you have chosen the right size. When buying, you have the option of choosing different lengths of bracelets. If you are not sure what length you need, write to us and we will add a chain to adjust the size. Thanks to this, the bracelet will be good for you and for someone close when you borrow it or give it.

We also recommend our customers to check other tabs on our website. The promotion zone is particularly interesting. These silver products are cheaper by up to several dozen percent! This zone enjoys a lot of interest, and we make sure to supplement it regularly.

Silver jewelry from Polcarat Design means quality

If you have already chosen your silicon bracelet, now is the time to open the promotion zone in all its glory. Here you will find earrings , chains, other bracelets that you will surely match to yourself, we offer different lengths, clasps, patterns and more.

You click "accept" the purchase and you're done! We guarantee super fast shipping so that you or the person you want to gift can enjoy your new jewelry.