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Silver earrings - elegant and for every occasion

Many women treat earrings as a must-have item of clothing, which is why we have prepared a carefully selected offer that will appeal to every silver lover.
We offer, among others, fashionable, impressive silver earrings with natural stones (e.g. oxidized), which are available in many color variants, and classic ones with zircons or Swarovski crystals. The offer also includes large silver earrings with pearls, both short at the ear and long hanging silver earrings.

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Silver earrings with cubic zirconia - more durable than crystals

Returning to the color variants, for the category of silver earrings with zircons, we have the following options: black, white (classic transparent color), red, amethyst (violet), lavender, pink and green ... Zirconia has it's own that it is harder ( resistant to scratches) and a more durable stone than, for example, Swarovski crystals. It is a more classic stone, and the offer is so wide that you can find a model that will certainly appeal to your taste and will perfectly match your face, neckline or hands.

Cubic zirconia (called Cubic Zirconia) is an ideal substitute for diamonds, the price of which is not knocking you to your knees, and you can always choose a beautiful model, especially in a colorless color, imitating expensive Hollywood jewelry. On the list of selected filters silver earrings with zirconia we receive only models with zircons, which we have in the collection when it comes to silver dangling earrings or short earrings - on a stick.

Silver - the perfect ore for a gift

If you have a problem with the choice of 925 silver products, you can always use our customer service department, which will help you choose silver (clear, oxidized, rhodium-plated, gold-plated), products or models, taking into account such aspects as price, collection or delivery.

Both small and large Silver earrings with cubic zirconia have their own unique charm and will be a beautiful classic addition to virtually any styling. It is also important that you receive selected products in a decorative package, so you can give the selected products right away, and silver jewelry will be able to quickly shine on your face (regardless of the model). On the other hand, women's silver earrings will be perfect for grand outings - to the theatre, opera or other special celebration - practically for women of all ages.

Silver earrings decorated with Swarovski crystals

Swarovski jewelry is a beautiful product that in combination with 925 silver (perfect ore, especially when we add a colored stone). When it comes to Swarovski , here we have a whole range of color variants. We update the color offer on an ongoing basis as soon as Swarovski releases new crystals. As mentioned earlier, Swarovski crystals are softer than cubic zirconia, but they have more reflections, more colors, and there is more than one model for each shade. We also have a choice of, for example, silver earrings with a red eyelet.

Crystals - many products, beautiful earrings to brighten the face

Therefore, from the shade of blue alone, we offer as many as 4 shades - Aquamarine, Denim Blue, Montana, Sapphire and Sapphire Shimmer. Crystal colors are available, from white (classic Crystal or more shimmering Crystal AB), through shades of yellow, red, green, blue, gray or black.

In addition, we recently expanded our offer with glass crystals (also called crystal glass), very similar in quality to Swarovski, but there are even more colors here and cuts such as a lotus flower are a real rarity and a feast for the eye. This silver jewelry is simply delightful.

We are also dealing here with beautiful Volcano, Emerald AB or Cobalt AB crystals (silver earrings with a blue eyelet), which are in line with the latest trends in silver jewelry and are technologically impeccably prepared.

The crystal offer includes both hanging silver earrings and those by the ear, on stud fasteners (e.g. nickel-free silver earrings with large studs), English or classic snap fasteners. As in the case of zircons, here we also click on silver earrings, selected filters and swarovski or crystals, and selected silver earrings with these stones pop up. A silver and crystal earring is the perfect combination.

Swarovski opals made of silver jewelry

We offer both silver categories with classic Swarovski crystals and those more exotic like opals. Of the opals alone, at least three categories of products have recently appeared (white opal, pacific opal and chrysolite opal). You can also choose a model enriched with 925 silver in virtually any color range. Such women's silver earrings (nickel-free) are a classic and modern element.

Silver earrings and their delivery

A precious metal such as silver + Swarovski crystal and you can have a beautiful gift, and delivery from our side often closes within 24-48 hours (and it's not a killer price for the shipment - even PLN 12, and over PLN 249 delivery is free ). Also, when ordering silver square or round earrings - we can have them even the next day!

Silver earrings and natural stones - precious metal and nature!

Staying on the subject of colors, other stones also in the offer of our online store with silver jewelry can be found pearl color of pearls, turquoise turquoise or coral coral. They are also dark green silver earrings with malachites , black silver earrings with onyxes (onyx is an increasingly popular stone that gives a perfect contrast when the face is light, like winter complexion) and gray or silver color of earrings with silicon.

Many fans also have a classic pearl , which in combination with silver has its own unique charm. Besides, pearl and silver have been a good pair for years. Of course, in this case, we can also choose silver earrings with turquoise, coral or pearls through selected filters. These are both long silver earrings and those more close to the ear - for a stick or English clasp. So that for ladies for whom the length of the earring is important, these are perfect silver earrings with natural stone, which will be worn for a very long time and very willingly.

Cat's eye, desert sand - exoticism in silver jewelry

The original silver earrings with a cat's eye and desert sand are also interesting in terms of color. Thanks to this, for every most demanding lady, we can offer a model of silver earrings with an addition in the color she likes (and the stone that suits her). In the case of the cat's eye, we offer only long silver earrings on hanging clasps. Although there are also those on a stick - which are next to the ear. There is no such stone as topaz in our store, but maybe in time by typing this phrase into the google browser you will also find us.

Amber, turquoise or coral - of course on the ears

A wide range of silver earrings, especially made of amber, turquoise or coral, makes it easy to choose a jewelry model, and the silver bullion will perfectly match them. Natural Baltic amber is the oldest type of stone that we still have access to in Poland. A wide range of products (including bracelets and rings) is a great advantage of our offer.

Recently, cheap silver earrings decorated with malachites and cat's eye have become especially popular. We try to keep the warehouse up to date so that a model of each of these stones is always available.

What 925 silver jewelry to choose for a specific color of styling?

Therefore, we have a whole range of earrings that match not only classic colors, i.e. a black dress or a white suit, but also silver earrings for more non-standard colors such as green, blue, red, pink or jeans. Let us remember that the most universal gifts will be earrings without stones (made of smooth 925 silver), with white or black cubic zirconias, as well as with Swarovski crystals (Crystal or Jet). Detailed information about our proposals, also when it comes to long earrings for a green dress, can be found here: What accessories for a green dress?

Of course, jewelry can also be matched with other colors, and in the case of pink ( What jewelry for a pink dress ) and red ( What accessories for a red dress ).

These are the most "safe" and universal colors, which is why there is the highest probability that if you buy silver jewelry as a gift, it will be worn by the recipient more often.

Silver stud earrings or long earrings in our online store have a really strong representation, also not only different colors but also different clasps and sizes (small and large, short and long silver earrings).

Of course, this is not a rule and in the case of blue eyes, earrings with Swarovski crystals - aquamarine, sapphire (sapphire) or montana (depending on the shade), will be perfect, and in the case of green eyes, emerald or olivine. Show yourself in your favorite colors perfectly matched to the styling. If we want to buy silver earrings cheaply, we must choose the smallest possible models - because the weight is a very important factor affecting the price.

Clasp in earrings - which one to choose?

Traditional silver earrings on a stick will be perfect for everyday use - both for school and work. For evening outings, eye-catching silver dangling earrings will be appropriate. Earring fasteners are both stud and English ( dangling and short earrings ) or a classic clasp.

That is why we offer delicate silver earrings right next to the ear as well as larger dangling earrings with large stones decorated with silver. We try to update the offer of earrings on an ongoing basis, which is why new models appear every month. Therefore, it is worth visiting us often and checking out new products.

We try to make the design varied and appeal to even the most sophisticated tastes. We are also constantly working on quality, which is why our silver earrings (especially those oxidized or rhodium plated) will adorn and please the eye for a long time.

Gold - gold-plated earrings are back in fashion

Our offer includes an ever-wider range of silver decorated with... gold. Gold-plated earrings because we are talking about them in our store are two layers of 18 and 23 carat gold, which give a durable, beautiful color, and two layers are given to prevent abrasion.

Among the models we have in this case not only traditional circles but also earrings in other shapes, both smooth and with stones (zirconia, Swarovski). A delicate and discreet addition in the form of delicate earrings - especially when it is gold , will perfectly complement a subtle styling. It is also worth choosing pendants, necklaces or rings for earrings so that the whole is a set, regardless of whether they are plain, with crystals or decorated with zircons.

However, we do not offer products such as rose gold or white gold (that is why we invite you to other silver jewelry stores for pink gold), but we specialize in silver and we design, manufacture, pack and send such products to our customers so that they can please the eye . And by clicking on selected filters, we can see silver earrings with the stone/crystal or silver that we are interested in. Therefore, compared to gold, silver earrings are cheap in our store.

In addition to gold-plated products, we also offer rhodium-plated products (yes, there is also a model: wheels). They are rhodium-plated in order to maintain their original appearance for a long time - it is a kind of protection

Production of silver jewelry

At our headquarters in Rumia, we create only unique and unique jewelry designs, both plain and decorated with various stones - that's why it doesn't matter whether they are elegant silver earrings on a stick, hanging or with natural stones, each option will definitely delight all lovers of good taste.

We also recommend silver earrings in sets with a pendant, bracelet or ring. We try to create models in such a way that it is possible to complete the entire set and match products to silver earrings.

What in the case of buying jewelry for a gift (for Christmas, birthday or other important occasion) means that we already have an idea for the next occasion, because we have the opportunity to complete the whole set. In addition, all silver earrings are packed in decorative boxes with the company's logo, thanks to which they are ready to be given immediately as, for example, a Christmas gift.

Customer service - we are here for you

We try to ensure that the quality of services in our store is at the highest level, hence we are available for you on chat, by phone, e-mail, as well as on Facebook or Instagram. You can always ask, we try to advise, help - always approaching your wishes pro-consumer. And we wish you happy shopping!