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Sometimes it is the case that a perfect set of jewelry is missing one small element that will be the proverbial icing on the cake. Such a cherry can be a Swarovski pendant.

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How to choose the perfect Swarovski pendant?

Nowadays, jewelry is not as symbolic as it used to be, but it is worth knowing that in the past a pendant was much more than just an ornament.

Given to a woman by a man, it meant a declaration of affection and fidelity. If a woman accepted a pendant from a man, she usually wore it permanently, as one wears a wedding ring. A small pendant was therefore often a symbol of love, friendship, fidelity or devotion. Swarovski pendants are less binding in form, so they can be given for any occasion.

Colorful, shiny crystals will please women of all ages.

Swarovski Polcarat Design pendants

In our store you will find about 150 designs of Swarovski pendants in many shades. There are both classic, romantic and very modern designs. For women who value discreet jewelry, we offer pendants in which the main element is stained glass silver of the highest quality and a delicate single Swarovski crystal.

Such a pendant will be easy to compose with other jewelry. For ladies who love the brilliance of diamonds, but do not want to wear them every day, we have a huge collection of Swarovski pendants with large, perfect crystals.

Shades of deep sapphire, red, all kinds of yellow, green or violet will be perfect for spectacular evening jewelry , and timeless crystals in the shades of Crystal, Aquamarine, Silver Night or Crystal AB will be perfect for everyday jewelry, for work, shopping or a walk.

And what Swarovski pendant to choose for yourself?

The Swarovski brand thinks about all women - pendant designs are so different and rich that each of the ladies will surely find something for themselves.

For women who value comfort and wear natural colors, we offer delicate Swarovski pendants with crystals in the colors of warm peach, shades of powder pink, gray or white. Delicately hung on a chain with a shell weave, they will not stand out much from the whole stylization, but their charming glow will certainly attract attention.

That's what it's all about sometimes, isn't it? To look natural, classy, but always in impeccable jewelry.

Swarovski pendant for elegant women

In our offer, we have not forgotten about ladies who appreciate traditional jewelry in a modern version. And so, on the pages of the Polcarat Design jewelery catalog you will find beautiful Swarovski pendants , in which we have combined the highest quality rhodium-plated silver with classic white Swarovski crystals and natural pearls.

Such a combination will surely appeal to true ladies and fans of the Chanel style. Small, natural pearls "calm down" the intense brilliance of crystals and make such jewelry perfect for both day and evening.

Swarovski pendant as a complement to wedding jewelry.

We have good news for future brides. In our offer you will find sets of Swarovski jewelry with pendants that will perfectly fit into your wedding ceremony.

Large, oriental patterns, boho and rustic models, romantic tears, braids and cascading forms will suit every dress. No matter if your wedding will take place in an elegant banquet hall, in a garden or a small restaurant - the Swarovsk brand has been dressing brides all over the world for decades.

Remember that jewelry should illuminate your make-up and complement a beautiful dress, so it's worth checking out the shades offered by the Swarovski brand. For the wedding, of course, crystals in the shade of Crystal or Crystal AB are most often chosen, with a unique glow, but more and more often brides also choose crystals in shades of pink, peach, mint and even intensely colored like Aquamarine.

Swarovski pendants are beautifully arranged on the neckline, both on bare skin and on mesh or lace - their elegant glow comes out beautifully in photographs and illuminates the bride's face. Proven designs of chains with solid fasteners do not break off, do not stretch the material and most importantly - they hold the pendant firmly in one place, so you will not have to worry about constantly twisting the chain.

Swarovski pendants - how to care for them?

We recommend that you store your Swarovski pendants in the packaging in which we will send them to you.
It is also worth removing the Swarovski pendant from the chain. Swarovski pendants are extremely easy to clean - their brilliance is durable, the quality of the crystal is certified, so you don't have to worry about tarnishing or scratching the stone.

Nevertheless, it is worth keeping Swarovski pendants away from sunlight, in a shady, dry place. Wipe the silver Swarovski pendant with a damp, soft cloth. Thanks to the unique technology, unique in the entire jewelery world, Swarovski pendants remain flawless after many years. Many women wear their Swarovski pendants every day.

We recommend removing them before bathing or showering. The rhodium-plated silver coating protects the Swarovski pendant from water and other external factors, but as with any jewelry - it is worth keeping it in a dry place at all times.

Can Swarovski pendants be combined with crystals in different colors?

The great advantage of Swarovski crystals is the fact that they look great together in various configurations. Of course, Swarovski jewelry looks the most elegant in a set (especially in summer, when our skin is tanned, multi-colored crystals emphasize it exceptionally well), but nothing stands in the way of composing your own sets.

A peach bracelet with emerald earrings is sure to attract the attention of passers-by. The Swarovski aquamarine pendant will look exceptionally interesting in a seaside resort, and when combined with small rivoli-shaped earrings, it will give our styling a feminine character. For lovers of minimalism, we suggest starting your adventure with Swarovski pendants from simple shapes, in which the Swarovski crystal is the only shining element.

Swarovski has been decorating women's necklines for over a hundred years, women of all ages and from all over the world reach for Swarovski pendants. Thanks to the variety and multitude of patterns and shades, you can play with Swarovski jewelry by freely combining your own sets.