Silver bracelets with Swarovski crystals

Silver bracelets with Swarovski crystals

Swarovski bracelets are one of the most spectacular jewelery we offer. Their discreet elegance, impeccable brilliance and perfection of cuts in crystals make them a perfect gift for any occasion.

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Swarovski bracelets - history in a small crystal.

Nothing speaks to the imagination like an interesting detail. Swarovski bracelets are full of such details. Carefully cut crystals are embedded in baskets or molds made of the highest quality silver, often additionally covered with rhodium. Jewelry is fastened with a stable, proven clasp. Swarovski bracelets have been on the market since the 1920s, so they are now celebrating their 100th birthday.

Pretty good for such old ladies, isn't it? The first Swarovski crystals left the workshop in Wattens in 1913. They were the result of a brilliant invention by Daniel Swarovski, who used lead oxide in over a third of their production - it was he who gave Swarovski crystals a unique glow...

The crystals were then ground and polished with the most modern (the only such in the world!) polishing machines. Swarovski continued to improve its designs and willingly collaborated with fashionable designers. In 1956, in collaboration with the fashion house Christitan Dior, Swarovski created a new coating of its crystals, thanks to which their already perfect brilliance gained the effect of a water surface.

Swarovski bracelets - known since forever.

Their big fan was Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood actress loved crystals in a transparent color that imitated diamonds. Even when everyone showered her with real ones, she often chose Swarovski jewelry. Swarovski bracelets were synonymous with luxury, glitz and the big world.

Swarovski bracelets today look as elegant and sophisticated as they did in the last century. Classic designs have been replaced with new ones, more in line with the spirit of the times, but the truth is one thing - it's not trends that dictate Swarovski's patterns, but Swarovski surprises designers every season.

Swarovski bracelets - what do we offer?

Swarovski bracelets in Polcarat Design are almost 100 patterns of weaves and forms, all available in several color variants. Our offer includes proven models, such as Swarovski bracelets with crystals in the shape of rivioli or drops, but we also took care of the latest trends: Swarovski bracelets with Scarabeus crystal will conquer your hearts immediately.

The crystal shimmers with green, a vibrating fillet and a delicate golden hologram - it perfectly reflects the color of the scarab's wings - the mythical Egyptian deity, Khepri, meaning "The One Who Grows". Small jewelry scarabs were put into the tombs of the pharaohs. In the set with the bracelet you will also find beautiful dangling earrings and a pendant with a crystal.

Swarovski bracelets in our offer represent very different styles, so you will find Greek-style bracelets with smooth, regular decorations, more massive Swarovski bracelets in an oriental style, openwork Swarovski bracelets with larger crystals or stained-glass braids with smaller trinkets.

Swarovski bracelets - how do we wear them?

Swarovski bracelets are suitable for any styling. It is worth remembering, however, that most often the light colors of the crystals are intended for the day and the darker ones - for the evening. Of course, everything also depends on our outfit and mood, but this is a safe rule that will always work when we are not sure about the choice of jewelry. Our offer includes beautiful Swarovski watch bracelets - on a wider strap, with crystals in the shape of rounded squares. Silver watch bracelets from Swarowski will perfectly emphasize any business styling.
Braided Swarovski bracelets will also go well with the rest of our store's jewelry. It is worth paying special attention to the braided bracelet with Swarovski crystals in coral color. The extraordinary brilliance and shade of living coral make it really hard to take your eyes off it. Such a bracelet will be an elegant complement to a summer styling in a sailor or casual style.

Green Swarovski bracelet - Emerald Crystal

Swarovski bracelets in a deep shade of Emerald are fantastic for the evening. A slightly oriental, very feminine style will emphasize well-groomed hands in a tasteful way and will fit fantastically into the atmosphere of an evening dinner or party. Also a romantic date will be a good occasion to put on such a bracelet.

For women who prefer a modern and minimalist style, we offer Swarovski bracelets in geometric forms. A smooth, simple bracelet imitating a belt with a small crystal on a small buckle is not only elegant but also shows that we have a distance to the world of fashion and we always feel best in simple patterns.

In our store, you can also find a unique Swarovski bracelet pattern - ring-shaped crystals in the Silver Night color are set in smooth rhodium-plated silver hoops. You can find this model by entering the number of the crystal R 1502 , of course, it comes in many different shades. Swarovski bracelets in this form can be combined with other elements of jewelry in this series. Together they look very modern.

Swarovski bracelets - how to recognize their authenticity?

Swarovski bracelets that we offer in our store, just like other jewelry of this brand, have a special certificate and an individual number that confirms their authenticity. At your request, we can provide such a certificate, and you can verify the number yourself by entering it on the Swarovski brand website.

It is always worth checking whether the jewelry we buy has a certificate of authenticity. This not only gives us confidence that we have bought branded jewelry, but also carries the conviction that this jewelry will please us with its splendor and reliable workmanship for many years.

Due to the fact that we are the manufacturer of this jewelry, we purchase hundreds, and sometimes thousands of crystals from one model from Swarovski and we do not receive a certificate for each of them, therefore, for your needs, we can generate our own certificate confirming the authenticity of the products - of course, on request (in electronic form ).

Is the Swarovski brand organic?

For more and more of us, it is very important whether the brand whose products we buy cares about the natural environment. Swarovski as one of the few tycoons thinks about environmental protection. For many years, the Swarovski family has been charitable and involved in activities aimed at protecting natural water resources and clean air.

In 2012, they introduced the Advanced Crystal technology to their production, thanks to which the produced crystals contain only trace amounts of lead (today it oscillates at less than one thousandth of a percent of the content). This is a complete revolution and further proof of the continuous innovation that the brand introduces in its sustainability system.

Swarovski bracelets - a perfect gift idea for every woman

As we mentioned at the beginning, Swarovski bracelets are very often chosen as gifts for various occasions. We pack them in elegant boxes , ready to be given or placed under the Christmas tree. Swarovski bracelets are perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays and Grandma's Day .

They are timeless and perfectly made. Their long tradition and experience of constantly improving the crystal formula is visible in each model. Perfectly cut crystals are firmly and permanently embedded in silver baskets and hollows. The crystalline glow with the effect of the water surface is unmatched on the jewelery market and the multitude of shapes, colors and patterns can make you dizzy.

Silver bracelets with Swarovski crystals - colors, colors, shades

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for your mother, aunt, sister or grandmother - Swarovski bracelets are always a good, proven choice. We only suggest that for the bright summer months, choose crystals in the colors of spring and summer: the Swarovski brand offers shades of intense yellow, white, peach, a huge number of shades of pink ( light rose or rose water opal ), wonderfully colored greens, blues and oranges. Of course, crystals in black and transparent are timeless and will always work, at any time.

Swarovski crystals are said to be synthetic diamonds, not only because they look like them, but also because they are a symbol of luxury and prestige. Today , Swarovski bracelets adorn the wrists of the greatest movie stars, but also of ... the British court. Queen Elizabeth is one of the big fans of the Swarovski brand. The world's most elegant woman wears crystal jewelry for special occasions, like the annual New Year's message.