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Smooth silver rings - a ring in this style is a must have!

A silver ring, smooth, without additional stones, is a must-have element of jewelry for every silver lover. Such rings are suitable for many occasions and are a universal choice.

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Silver rings come in many designs, with precious stones, cubic zirconias or other additional decorations. Their beauty delights, but it's good to have silver rings that are smooth in your jewelry collection.

A ring that has no additional decorations can be worn with any outfit, even during the morning rush, and you can be sure that it will match. Silver in this edition makes you calm about the consistency of your set.

The advantage of smooth silver jewelry is that it is great for a universal gift. The stone is sometimes difficult to match to the person we want to give a gift to, and a smooth silver ring will certainly work in many circumstances.

Smooth silver rings - which type will be the best?

Among such rings you will find numerous designs and sizes. What should you pay attention to when buying?

The choice should be dictated by several considerations.

Aesthetics. Of course, this is the key criterion. Choose the ring you like the most. If it is to be a gift - test the taste of the woman you want to give.

Size 1. It's important to choose the right ring size. The jewelry should slightly lock on the widest part of the finger, but it should not be difficult to move it to the base of the finger.

Size 2. Consider the size of the ring. New jewelry may be disturbing at first, but sometimes it's not a matter of getting used to it, but that a silver ring is simply too big - too grand, too wide.

This is especially important when you wear silver rings every day and you type a lot on the keyboard or lift heavy objects. Pay special attention to the width of the ring, if you choose it. Too wide can hurt.

Silver or gold? The choice of ore is decisive when it comes to, for example, the price, but above all the appearance of the ring. We recommend 925 sterling silver, which is a timeless, universal choice that fits many styles. It can be polished or rhodium plated.

How to choose a ring design?

Choose a quite plain ring if you want it to be universal and to be an addition to other elements of your jewelry.

Pay attention to its size. Choose a smaller one if you work with your hands a lot. You can also opt for a more impressive piece, but remember that such large, impressive jewelry will probably be better suited for occasional outings. Of course, it all depends on your preferences.

Choose a ring with a fancy shape without an additional stone if you want the ring to be the main decoration of your outfit. It is important that the patterns in which it is arranged do not pinch your finger or drag your clothes.

The size of the ring also matters here, the larger it is, the easier it will be noticed by your surroundings. Our jewelers make sure that even the most fancy silver jewelry is comfortable to use.

Classic designs without stones , not even decorated with cubic zirconias, will work if you are looking for a modest silver accessory (gold will be more demanding if most of your jewelry is 925 sterling silver). This choice will only complement the styling. You can complete it with matching earrings and a silver pendant with a chain. Everything will be more noticeable.

Why is it worth ordering from our website?

New rings are always fun and we want to wear them as often as possible. Therefore, it is worth choosing well to be satisfied with your purchases. Remember, however - if you don't like the size, pattern or material (gold or silver?), you can use our quick return and exchange your purchases for new ones.

Cubic zirconia or stone are beautiful decorations and after visiting other tabs on our website you can search for hundreds of designs with them, but we also recommend having smooth jewelry in your collection, thanks to which you can create elegant and universal stylizations.

On our website you will find both polished and rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. Do you prefer gold? We also offer gold-plated jewelry . Do you have an unusual ring size? Write to us! We will be happy to help if your size is currently not on the website.

Despite the choice of plain jewelry, would you like to choose a precious stone as well? In the tabs of our website you will find hundreds of silver jewelry items, whose main decoration is a stone.

For our part, we provide the highest quality of service, fast shipping and convenient and quick returns. By buying from us, you support Polish business and a family jewelry manufactory.

Time for new decorations? You will find them with us!