Initial provisions

1. The conditions of using the online shop are regulated by this document.
2. The shop is owned by Polcarat Design Company, based in Rumia, Poland.
3. Polcarat Design, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" has exclusive operating rights to the shop listed in 1.
4. The provisions apply to the Seller and all customers using the services of the online store.
5. All products offered by the shop are brand new and free from any physical or legal faults and have been introduced to Polish and foreign markets. Everything was produced in Poland.
6. Any complaints about the shop services which occur due to ignorance or the failure to observe the regulations will not be considered.



Sobieskiego 42 st.
84-230 Rumia
tel.: 791 639 178
fax: 58 671 25 06
NIP: 958 144 70 60, REGON: 192977562,

account no.:  16 1160 2202 0000 0003 2814 7636



1. sells retail goods on the internet.
2. Orders placed on weekdays after 1.00 pm or on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are processed on the following working day.
3. Order can be placed through an order form available at the shop's website.
4. Placing an order is tantamount to accepting the terms and conditions of the shop regulations.
5. Information about the products in the online store, do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but an invitation to contract. By completing the order form customer place an offer to buy a particular product.
5. The Seller reserves the right to refuse an order, restrict the payment method or to require prepayment.
6. The photographs of the products presented on the website do not reflect the actual size and beauty - are informational only. Individual products of the same model may vary due to the process of creating jewellery.


1. The customer is able to make changes in the order until the confirmation of dispatch email from the Seller has been sent.
2. The customer may cancel or modify the order on +488600116371 or via email
3. It is no longer possible to cancel an order once the product has been sent to the Customer.

1. All prices at are in Polish zloty (PLN) and  EU Currency and are inclusive of Polish VAT (taxation appropriate for jewellery).
2. The price of each product is biding upon an order by the Customer.
3. The Seller reserve the right to change prices of products on offer, to bring new products to the store, as well as to carry out, cancel or make changes to the promotions on the website.


1. Shopping in our store is safe. A receipt is attached to each completed order. VAT invoice is issued on request, after providing with all the data needed.
2. Receipt or invoice should be retained in case of refunds or claims.


1. Orders are processed within 72 hours (working days) after the payment was confirmed (prepayment) or after receiving the order confirmation (Cash on Delivery mail) via Polish Postal Services or courier mail (detailed information regarding the delivery can be found in the Shipping section).
2. All the shipping costs are covered by the customer.
3. The Seller is not responsible for failure to meet the deadline for reasons beyond company's control.
4. In case of getting problems with the execution of completing the order by the date indicated on our website, the Seller shall promptly inform the Customer of the possible duration of the completing the order - for this reason the Customer may cancel the order.


Possible forms of payment:
A) Money transfer on the bank account: 16 1160 2202 0000 0003 2814 7636.
In the transfer title should be given the symbol of the ordered product and Customer's name - the order is processed immediately after the money is received.
B) Online transfer/ credit card payment: payment by PayU implemented immediately - the order is processed within 24 hours of receiving the information.
C) COD mail - fee to be paid to the courier on delivery

If the Customer chooses A or B payment option, no payment for the order within 7 working days from the date of order results in cancelation of the order.


1. In accordance with Article. 7 of the Act of March 2, 2002 "on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products" (Dz.U. 2000.22.271), the customer may return products purchased in the store for any reason within 14 days from the date of delivery. The return of products will be at the expense of the Customer.
Date of the refund may not exceed 30 days from the date of delivery of the items to the Customer.
2. The Seller does not accept COD mails in this mode.
3. The return items needs to be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal from the agreement and should include bank account details to which the payment is to be reimbursed.
4. In case of accepted refund, payment will be returned to the Customer within 5 working days after the return items with the written declaration of withdrawal from the contract reach us.
5. If the items are not as ordered, the Customer has the right to complain and get a refund.
Any returns and complains shall be send to our office:
Polcarat Design
Sobieskiego 42
84-230 Rumia
At the Customer's expense with a proof of purchase (receipt/invoice) attached.


1. According to the Law of Personal Data Protection of 30 May 2014 r. (Dz. U. 2014, poz. 827), the Seller is obligated to protect the personal data.
2. By placing an order, you voluntarily agree to processing and using your personal data in order to proceed the order, possible complaints, facilitate the submission of further orders as well as marketing purposes. These data are not used for any other purpose.
3. The Customer has the right to inspect their data, to correct them and request to cease their use or removal of personal data.
4. The Customer may ask to receive information on the offer of the company and its activities via email.


1. These regulations come into force on December 25, 2014.
2. The terms and conditions may be modified at any time. The changes do not adversely affect the rights and obligations of the Customer's ongoing services.
3. Amendments to the Regulations shall be effective upon publication in the online shop.
4. The matters not covered by these Regulations apply to generally applicable law, in particular the Civil Code, Law of the special conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code and Law on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products.
5. Any comments on the shop's actions or deficiencies found, please e-mail:
6. Parts of the contract shall make every effort to amicably settle any disputes arising from the application of these rules, as well as the content and execution of sales.
7. Any arising disputes shall be arbitrated by a court of law with jurisdiction over the Organiser.

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